Chakra Dance Theatre 

Music, Dance, Performance


Children's classes and performances


We offer a variety of shows including: Modern/contemporary performances, West African and Haitian Dance folkloric and Vodoun performances
All of our performances and Lecture Demonstrations are based on research in the area that we are presenting. We are currently researching the historical connections between Haiti and New Orleans.

The children's segment of Chakra Dance Theatre is called OMOSEDE, a n African term that means, "A Child is worth more that a King."
This Summer 2019, we will offer an eight week dance and drum intensive that will culminate in a performance. This is for those who are serious about performance arts. We will use this as a springboard to build OMOSEDE  and begin  work for a youth performance later in the year.

The Dance, The Music

Societe Minokan, lead by Damas Louis, is the Spiritual and grounding aspect of Chakra Dance Theatre. Through these teachings,  we create a lens by  which we can  bring healing throug performance.

Chakra Dance Theatre  is committed to the preservation, presentation, and teaching of African Diaspora cultures. With an emphasis on Haitian Voudoun, we strive to obliterate the negative connotations associated with Voudoun and emphasize the beauty of a culture that began in Africa, travelled to Haiti and landed in New Orleans.
The dance theatre and the Society work hand in hand  to bring our audiences  the most accurate  information  through presentation.
Director: Baderinwa Rolland 
Folklorist, Musical Director: Damas Louis

The rhythms will lift you off your feet...

Creating performances with a lens on social/historical events, we offer lecture demonstrations to schools.

Chakra Dance Theatre  has three programs for presentations at schools. Using music, dance, song and spoken word, our  programs are designed to educate, stimulate and entertain students from Pre-K to high school.
    A performance for children by children. This moving piece is adapted from the first principle of the Nguzo Saba, Umoja, meaning unity. It can be performed at festivals, book fairs and schools.
    A Dance/Theatre performance that highlights the Civil Rights Movement, what sparked it and how it relates to contemporary issues around race. It is a multi-media production that includes, modern, Hip-hop, spoken word, images and video.
  3. Nago/Ibo: Tribulation
    A collaboration with Societe Minokan that is rooted in traditional Haitian Dance. This piece speaks to the Haitian Revolution and the power and will of a people to overcome the anguish of slavery.
  4. Collaborate with Us
    We are open to creative collaborations with groups that are striving to uplift community through performance.

A  Child counts more that a King

Building Character

.The children performed for the New Orleans Public Library's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Celebration and met Mrs. Sybil Morial, the former 1st Lady of New Orleans. January, 2016.

A Child counts more that a King.

Omosede is an idea that began over 15 years ago while Baderinwa was working in the public school system in New Orleans. She taught dance and African/African American History to middle school students. It was her observation that the students began to develop confidence in themselves as they learned more about themselves. She formed OMOSEDE with the urgings of parents who wanted more instruction for their children outside of school hours.

OMOSEDE performed at other public schools, New Orleans Jazz Festivals, Museums and historical sites.