About Us

Baderinwa Rolland is a native of New Orleans, she has been dancing and teaching for over thirty years. Her love of Haitian dance began in the 80's when she met Jean Leon Destine. She travelled the Caribbean as a Fulbright Fellow researching the retention of African Movement. She has also served as a Dance Specialist with UNESCO'S Transatlantic Slave Trade Project.
Damas FanFan Louis is a native of Haiti. He began his music career at the age of 9, playing for the Theatre National in Haiti and many other groups. He came to the US in the 80's and opened for the Rolling Stones, played at the Olympics and was musical director for many dance groups, musicals, and plays. He also played at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. He is currently Priest of Societe Minokan in the US as well as Haiti.

The Partners: Baderinwa Rolland & Damas Louis.

Eat, Sleep and Drink Dance!!